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How to Market Your Book Creatively and Effectively Even When You’re Flat Broke:

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Twenty easy-to-do marketing ideas that won’t cost you a dime to implement into your marketing plan.

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-Carrie Ann , writer and creator of @broodingyahero

“You’re always so helpful. You’re like the

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“You’re always so helpful. You’re like the

    fairy god-princess of writers.”

-Carrie Ann , writer and creator of @broodingyahero



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“Simply put, Katie Robinson is AMAZING.

She is warm, friendly, creative,

professional, organized, creative,

detailed-oriented, talented, creative, smart, generous . . . did I already say creative?

Working with her has been a true joy.

I couldn't imagine a better live launch party!

It was such a well-run event, thanks to Katie, and the highlight of my release day!”

-Pintip Dunn

Forget Tomorrow, Remember Yesterday, The Darkest Lie

Check out Pintip’s Book Launch Live party for The Darkest Lie here.



Book Launch Live

is a live broadcast event

that will get your fans to interact with you in real-time in a meaningful way that turns you from an icon on social media to a real, reachable person.

Book Launch Live

is a unique way to celebrate your release that will stand out int he industry while everyone else is doing Twitter and Facebook parties.

Book Launch Live

is a way to get your friends and fans all in one place no matter where they are from that allows you to give them an experience unlike anything else in the industry.

Book Launch Live events are designed for authors of Young Adult and New Adult novels

who are looking to give their fans a unique and creative experience that will

celebrate their book’s release while engaging fans and growing their fanbase.

We only accept the books we feel we can provide the best fan experience for,

so we carefully consider each application to determine the best results for the author.

In most cases, we ask to read the book before the event date so we know what

we’re talking about while we are live.



Once we agree to host a launch party, we will work with the author to go through our step-by-step planning guide to create their custom tailored event.

We will create a number of promotional graphics and videos to get the word out about the event and invite fans to participate.

After a meeting or two, we’ll make sure everything is ready to go, have a run through of the event, and then host the launch party together.

The entire event is designed to get your fans engaged and make them want to interact with you. Our goal is to bring in as many of your current fans as possible, as well as some people who don’t know they are fans yet (but they will be by the time we’re done!)

We also want your industry friends involved as well! We’ll show you how to get them involved in a way that benefits both your fans and their fans.


Want to know what happens at one of our Book Launch Live events?

Here’s a replay of our very first event with author Pintip Dunn. You’ll be able to see everything that happened except for the chat room conversations. Enjoy!

You want to create a unique experience

for your fans on your book release day.

You want to interact with fans, celebrate your book,

and be the talk of the industry.

Which is why you want a

Book Launch Live event


What if I don’t like being on camera?

We have to secret tips than almost always take away any nervousness you have about being on camera.

What if I don’t understand the technology?

This program is so incredibly simple to use, you’ll actually say “how is that possible?”

What if none of my fans come to the event?

Giving them a unique experience like this almost guarantees people will show up, but even if there are only a few, the marketing benefits you get far outweigh the rest.

What if I go live and mess up in front of everyone?

We’ve got a top secret way to make sure that’s not going to happen. Trust us!

What if I’m not sure if this is for me?

Contact us. We’re happy to help you talk through it and decide if its a good fit. We also have a guide to see if we’re a good match.



You want have to have this...because you know this is the

unique, creative, interactive experience

that is going to get you out in front of your fans

and give them something they will talk about

for years to come.


Want to know the latest Book Launch Live event information?

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We’ll see you at the events that catch your eye!


Ready to take the plunge and create an epic experience for your fans that will keep them talking about you all year long?

Fabulous, because we can’t wait to hear from you!

We like to hear from authors about three months before launch day (don’t panic if your date is closer, just reach out and let us know) so that we can market your event in the best possible ways!

We’re so excited to meet you and get started on your party-it’s going to be the best thing about your release day because it’s the most fun you’ll have during the entire publishing process!

We want you to reach out. Email us and we can decide if we’re a good fit for each other!

Here is the info we need when you email us


Pen Name:

Book Title:

Book Publisher:

Release Date:



Book Description:

Author Website:

Author Blog:

Author Social Medias:

Why Do You Want A Book Launch Live event:

Once you reach out, we’ll send you to our top secret planning site for Book Launch Live so you can see the behind the scenes info on creating these events to help you decide if you want to be involved in one for your book!

Here is the info we need when you email us


Pen Name:

Book Title:

Book Publisher:

Release Date:



Book Description:

Author Website:

Author Blog:

Author Social Medias:

Why Do You Want A Book Launch Live event:


Once we’ve official got you booked in for an event, we’ll sit down with you and help you go through our planning guide where we work out the details of your event. We’ll have a few short meetings and a run though before the event. We will also equip you with marketing materials to get the word out about the party.

The best news is that you don’t even have to put a lot of time into it; we’re the ones that do most of the work (graphic design, game design, video creation, post production video work, site design, sign up site creation, invitation design, hosting, and a few things that are top secret until you’re booked in)

But so many detail, so little space.

Once you email us for more information, we’ll send you to our comprehensive author site so you know exactly what happens behind the scenes to create these parties and find out exactly what your role is in all of this.